The Originals Ball Club est. 1975

This is the website of The Originals baseball club. We are the decendants of the Sheriffs and the Odds & Ends, two of the "original" teams in the Royal Canadian Baseball Association. The league has been in existence since the mid 1970's.

team photo

The Originals, Consolation Champs - August 2009
Front Row - Jamila, Latoya and David
Back Row - Gail, Larry, Hanzen, Daniel, Tyler, Shawn, Jeff, Urban, Ben and Alice
Missing - Mark, Emma, Rohan, Ronnie and Colleen


If you are in the downtown Toronto area and are interested in playing in a fun co-ed league every Wednesday night during the summer contact us.

The Originals Hall of Fame

The following members of the Originals, Sheriffs, Odds & Ends, and Morgan Earl Sounds ball teams are some of the people we will never forget, and have been honored with a place in our Hall of Fame.

It's not always the quantity of time but the quality that counts. They are noted for their play, their spirit, and their contributions to the team.

  • Kent Anthony
  • Jennifer Argles
  • Linda Argles
  • Joel Berg
  • Frank Blaney
  • Sam Borenstein
  • Gail Brodrick
  • Wayne Church
  • Diane Conway
  • Ron Dash
  • Rick "Pretzel" DeRose
  • Morgan Earl
  • Mitch Gold
  • Rossie Gross
  • Larry Gutstein
  • Bob Johnston
  • Don Jones
  • Donald Kaplan
  • Bill King
  • Mike Kirby
  • Shawn Lawrence
  • Danny LeBlanc
  • Jim Longo
  • Tyler Longo
  • Debbie Mac
  • Chuck Mathies
  • James Monaco
  • Wilma Perry
  • Bruce Shannon
  • Joel Simms
  • John Thomas
  • George Thompson
  • Shawn Van Hees
  • Alice Whitenect
  • Maya and Stacey

Nominations to the Hall of Fame can be sent to the nominating committe.

John Thomas picture

in memory of our friend John Thomas